Replacement parts for commercial espresso machines available for Pull Espresso Machines. 

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Millars Mills is proud to manufacture barley grain mills in the United States for home brewers and Pilot beer brewing systems.

Millars Organic Wood Roasted Coffee is a family owned and operated, micro roaster  located in the mountains of SW Washington.

Pull Espresso Machines build traditional lever operated, manual, piston espresso machines using the finest Italian components. Hand built in the United States.

Autotamp espresso tampers are exclusively made in the United States.  This unique device is dedicated to producing consistency in the specialty coffee industry.

‚ÄčMillars Media is a video production company

featuring "Coffee With the Millars" as well

as other information on the specialty coffee industry.

Pull Caff'e is a premium wood roasted coffee brand.  Pull Caff'e is roasted on a antique German made cast iron roaster that is over 100 years old.

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