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Free Startup-Supply Kit with Espresso Machine Purchase!

A COMPLETE HIGH QUALITY SUPPLY KIT with the purchase of any STRONG 2 group or larger Espresso Machine, Industrial commercial espresso machine. IT  is everything you need to start! A($600.00 value) with 4, 3oz stainless steel shot pitchers, 2, 32oz stainless steel milk steaming pitchers, 1 milk thermometer, 1 digital espresso shot timer, 1 espresso pod adapter, 1 single group handle, 2 dble group handles,1 blank cleaning basket, knock out box and a large 20oz container of espresso machine cleaner (6 month supply) that will keep your espresso machine running perfect and keep your coffee tasting great. PLUS YOU GET two 5 lb bags(10 pounds) of MILLAR'S fine roasted espresso beans enough to make over 500 espresso drinks with an average profit of over $800.00...

AGAIN at NO EXTRA CHARGE get the new AUTOTAMP! A $259.00 Value!!! This is a new product that eliminates all the inconsistencies of old style hand tamping with your espresso machine. The Autotamp not only presses your espresso grounds evenly and flat, but properly at the industry standard of 30 to 35 pounds of pressure. This standard is also determined by The Specialty Coffee Association training manual a (non profit company for the further education of coffee knowledge). They base thier research on iron clad scientific proof not opinions! Did you also know that carpal tunnel syndrome is a real threat to Baristas in the espresso trade industry? AUTOTAMP eliminates this! Did you know that drink consistency is the #1 reason that a customer will not come back to your business? Now any owner or employee can all make the same great drink without fail. Why buy an EXPENSIVE, HIGH MAINTAINENCE super automatic espresso machine when all you need is this inexpensive high quality AUTOTAMP and use your traditional automatic or semi auto espresso machine to produce the same drink time after time.



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